Elina Zolotareva, studied art in the university of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Five years ago, Elina and her husband moved to Phangan island (Thailand). Today Elina is a photoset-stylist at Photophangan

“I’ve been painting as long as I remember myself. But it was on Phangan, where I made the most powerful progress in my painting. New formats, new techniques, endless experiments with textures and materials. I adore this island and all my paintings were made here and under its influence.”

My art is my form of dialogue with this world. I tell about what I see, feel and experience. Sometimes it is very personal, sometimes it is happy and pleasant and sometimes it is sad. Sometimes I just talk. But it’s really important to talk to someone not to yourself. I didn’t know that showing my paintings, arranging exhibitions and getting people’s feedback is so important and necessary for me.

All the sketches come to my mind and start haunting me. New details appear as the time goes and I add something. I need to make no sketches lest I should forget those ideas – they won’t leave me alone and won’t disappear anyway. Instead, they line up and stare at me sadly and reproachfully, waiting for its time.

The island is an endless source of inspiration for me. It is so beautiful that I don’t understand how can someone not be an artist here. The nature around, jungles full of life, beautiful people. Full moon, stars and sea, the feeling of freedom, new interesting places and impressions are endless inspiration for me.

The best compliment for me is to know that I inspire someone, when a person does not simply admire a beautiful picture, but gets up and does something. That’s when I know that everything I do makes sense.